Camping at Rialto Beach

Well, it happened. I finally gave in and slept in a tent — my husband’s dream come true. Not to say that I’ve never slept in a tent before, but this was the first time said tent was not protected by my fenced-in backyard.

The idea of camping is not what I’m opposed to; I like being outside, and I don’t mind a little dirt . . . Lord knows I don’t mind having dirty hair. Camping just doesn’t really appeal to me, mostly because I would rather sleep in a bed. People who wear a 36″ inseam were not meant to sleep in a small tent on an even smaller sleeping pad.

Despite the fact that I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep, I agreed to go because I know our time here is limited (more on that later), and I think I would regret not trying it. So, we decided that if we were going to camp that we might as well go somewhere we’d never been – Forks, Washington.

We didn’t go to Forks for the Twilight movie tour. I actually had never read the books or watched the movies. Of course I felt obligated to watch the movies afterwards, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, they weren’t that bad.

The reason we went to Forks was because Monty picked a campground near Rialto Beach. The water that surrounds the island we live on is the Puget Sound, so we wanted to see full-fledged Pacific Ocean water with real waves.

The drive there was one of my favorite parts of the trip because the majority of it was spent on a winding road through Olympic National Park. We stopped at Crescent Lake and tried to figure out how water could possibly be that clear. When I was in middle school, we lived in Mississippi for a few years. I wish the water that came out of our faucet there was half as clear as the water in this lake.



We eventually left the lake and made it to the beach. It was different than any beach I’ve ever been to; everything was larger than life – the waves, drift wood, rocks. We spent most of the day walking around and then decided to head to the campground.



The campground was pretty quiet . . . if you don’t count the snoring man I had to sleep in a tent with. There was lots of green, and somehow we lucked out and didn’t get any rain. We had s’mores and hotdogs and called it a night. If camping is that easy, I’m not opposed to trying again with two small additions: an air mattress and some ear plugs.

Thanks for reading!


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