This time last week, Monty and I were roaming around Portland, trying {and failing} to blend in with all of the hipsters. I’ve never been anywhere like Portland; like I mentioned in my last post, it just seems like an easy place to live. So much so that by the end of our three-day stay, Monty was browsing the Internet for jobs to see if we could make the move.

Here are the highlights from our trip:


Deschutes and Rogue – This whole trip was Monty’s idea, and I think it was largely based off of these two breweries, or brew pubs. I’m not a craft beer drinker, so drinking a beer that was created from the yeast found in a man’s beard doesn’t sound appealing to me (yes, this is a thing at Rogue). There are breweries and taverns everywhere in Portland. These people love their craft beer.

Food – The diversity of Portland’s food spots makes it easy for you to feel like you’ve travelled much farther than Oregon. We had Indian street food at Bollywood Theater, tacos at Stella Taco, and ramen at Mirakutei. And of course you can’t go to Portland without checking out one of their food trucks parked on nearly every corner.

Powell’s City of Books – Four floors FULL of books – about a million of them, in fact. We love finding bookstores in new places, and we snooped around this one for about an hour before we gave up and just bought a postcard.


Salt & Straw – We waited 30 minutes to get ice cream and apparently that’s normal. Salt & Straw is known for its unique flavors, so I decided to try their olive oil ice cream. Ultimately I went with the brownie mix, but at least I can say I’ve eaten frozen, salty olive oil . . . unfortunately.


Multnomah Falls – I’ve seen pictures of this waterfall all over Instagram, and it was even prettier in person. We didn’t wear the right shoes to hike all the way to the top, so we just made it to the bridge. However, I think the best view is from the very bottom.



St Johns Bridge – We spent a little time walking around Cathedral Park which has some pretty nice views of St Johns Bridge.



One thing that we missed out on while we were in Portland was good weather. I wish we would have been able to see Mount Hood. Oh, well . . . I guess that means we’ll just have to try again.


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