San Juan Island



Last weekend, Monty and I took a day trip to San Juan Island. This is just one of the eight members of the San Juan Islands. Everything that I’ve read ranks the San Juans as some of the best+most beautiful islands in the United States [see Huffington Post, Jet Setter, & Travel and Leisure]. And needless to say, it lived up to the hype.

It was a long ferry ride to SJI from Anacortes because the ferry made a stop at Orcas Island before dropping us off; it took about an hour and a half to get there. However, the long ride wasn’t too bad because it was beautiful – mountains, islands, and wildlife to look at the whole time. If we had the big bucks like some of the celebs who have vacation homes on the SJIs, such as Chris Pratt or Bill Gates, we could have taken a quick ride on a sea plane . . . but for now, the ferry will do.
When we finally made it to Friday Harbor (one of two cities on SJI), we wanted some brunch. We decided to eat at the Cask & Schooner . . . great decision. I had the eggs benedict, and Monty had a meat pie and mashed potatoes. Yes, a meat pie; I don’t think he’s ever been happier.
We didn’t really have a plan, other than to see as much as possible. I left it to Monty to be the navigator, so our first stop was to find a lighthouse. On our way there, we started to see the water, so we stopped to read a sign on the side of the road. When we both stepped out of the car and were walking toward the sign, a fox came over the hill and approached us. It kept coming closer and closer . . . so close that the two humans had to quickly jump back into the car. Then it just sat outside of my window and stared at us. No, we didn’t pet it, but UGH we wanted to!

We eventually left our little friend and made it to the Cattle Point Lighthouse; it was my favorite place that we visited. I felt like the girl from The Light Between Oceans, sans the baby stealing. We climbed down to some rocks that were near the water and saw some seals (or sea lions) swimming in the water. We were close enough that we could hear them breathe when they came up for air!!! It was AWESOME, and it made me realize that as much as I want to just stumble upon a whale one day, I’m not emotionally prepared to do so because the seals were about all I could handle.







After we left the lighthouse, we were off to find the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park. It’s a park with different sculptures spread out everywhere for you to look at while you walk. On our way there, we passed a pond that was semi-frozen and hidden behind a patch of trees. We noticed that a few cars had pulled over, so of course we had to see what everyone was watching. SWANS!!! There were six of them swimming around with some ducks. It was so beautiful that it didn’t even seem real . . . so beautiful, in fact, that I didn’t even think to take pictures. I wanted to end the day at the pond with the swans, but Monty persuaded me to get back in the car.


The last stop before heading back to town was Lime Kiln Point State Park. This is supposed to be a great whale watching spot, and it’s easy to see why . . . water everywhere you look. We weren’t lucky enough to see a whale, but I do plan on visiting again during “whale season” and seeing if I have better luck.


We took the scenic byway back to town to get a bite to eat before heading home. Monty picked Mike’s Cafe & Wine Bar because he wanted to try their truffle oil popcorn. What we didn’t know about this place was that the crab and pork that we ordered was not actually crab and pork because this is a vegan restaurant. Good one, Mont.


I cannot wait to go back to the San Juans during the spring. In the mean time, any suggestions on how to get invited to Chris Pratt’s house are welcomed.


4 thoughts on “San Juan Island

  1. ENVY! ENVY! ENVY! all the way from Tennessee! Next, my mother was born in Anacortes Washington, and to visit that place is on my bucket list! That is where my grandfather brought his family when he immigrated to this country. He was the cook on a fishing boat. We have a photo of him on the boat! And then tell me how did you manage all that sunshine that day?

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    1. We truly lucked out on the sunshine! I can’t imagine how beautiful it is there during the summer. Anacortes is one of my FAVORITE places to eat/shop!!! We live 15 minutes away from there! You would LOVE all of their restaurants!


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