Olympic Game Farm



This past weekend Monty and I made a trip to Sequim, Washington, to visit the Olympic Game Farm. It’s one of those drive-thru parks where you can feed the animals from your car. Monty LOVES bears, and he read that this place had some that would wave at you, so we rode the ferry to Port Townsend and drove for about another hour to check it out for ourselves.

When you get to the park, they give you the option of buying wheat bread to feed the animals as you drive through. We bought two loaves but really probably needed three because we went through twice (your admission ticket lasts all day). And as you’re signing the waiver that basically exempts the animals from being responsible for your death, they kindly remind you to stay in your car at all times.

Once we started driving, we quickly realized that the llamas were going to be a problem. They’re sneaky and fast, and their long necks make them the perfect size to fit through your window and try to help themselves to bread.

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The bears, of course, had their own area . . . thankfully they couldn’t walk up to the car like most of the other animals. We got a few semi-waves out of them – it’s like they knew that we were going to feed them regardless, so they thought they would just humor us a little.

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When we arrived at the elk/bison area, there were huge signs that warned us not to stop because they would damage our vehicle. Monty drove the first lap, so we barely even slowed down because he’s a rule follower. On the second lap, I drove and we figured out that they weren’t mean, just huge.

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The OGF is the only place where you can go from hysterical laughter to complete terror in a matter of seconds. I felt like I had worked out because I was so tired from laughing . . . the best seat is definitely the one in control of the window lock. This was worth every penny, and I can’t imagine someone not enjoying this place.

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These were as tall as/taller than our SUV!!






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