Port Townsend


Port Townsend is a neat little town that we like to visit when the weather is nice. It’s about a 45 minute drive to the ferry (from our house in Oak Harbor), then a 45 minute ferry ride. It’s a good trip for clear days because of the views. Some people have even been lucky enough to see whales from the ferry ride; I haven’t been so fortunate, but a girl can dream.

Everything you want to do in Port Townsend is within walking distance of the ferry. One of our first stops is usually Sirens. It’s perfect for a snack by the water; I LOVE their trio dip. I’m also a fan of Silverwater Cafe; it’s a great dinner spot. If you’re a fan of An Officer and a Gentleman, you can stay in the hotel where it was filmed. Parts of the Tides Inn are a little dated, but it’s a great hotel that’s right on the water.


Photo: Tides Inn


I knew when my friends visited that we needed to take a day trip to Port Townsend because that covered one of the items on our checklist: ferry ride. We rode the ferry to town, had some drinks and snacks, did a little shopping, ate dinner, then headed back.

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