Seattle Girls’ Trip

Last Friday my TN friends and I had a girls’ night out in Seattle. We had the traditional Seattle weather [cold, cloudy, and a little rain] with a twist – WIND . . . and lots of it.

Before our Seattle trip, we all did a little research and came up with a list of things that we wanted to see and do with lots of help from these two blogs: Carrie Bradshaw Lied + Iowa Girl Eats.

Kerry Park – This was the first stop on our list because I had read that it’s THE place to go for a great view of the Seattle skyline, and it was. I think that on a clear day, you could probably see Mount Rainier from here.



More wind . . .


Fremont Troll – Next we were off to find the Fremont Troll. When we arrived there were several people there // kids climbing all over the troll. That made me decide that I, too, could do the same. And I did, but it hurt, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Space Needle – You can’t come to Seattle without seeing the Space Needle. I’ve been to the top of the Space Needle once before, and I have no desire to go back unless it’s to eat at the restaurant (SkyCity). We certainly didn’t want to be at the top of the Space Needle during the winds, so we just admired it from below.



Gum Wall – If you think the idea of a gum wall is disgusting, you’re correct . . . but it’s also really cool! I had already donated a piece of my gum to the wall, but they steamed all of it off last November. You would’ve never known it, though, because it’s completely re-covered. If you’re going to Pike Place and have a view of the big Public Market Center sign (see below), then you’re close to the gum wall. There’s a little cobble stone road just to the left of the PMC sign; it’s a downhill slope. If you walk down that road, the gum wall will be on your left.


Pike Place Market – We decided to visit Pike Place around lunch time, that way we could take a break from perusing the market and grab something to eat. We started off underneath the big Public Market Center sign, and that’s always my recommendation for those who ask because it’s the best place to start. The fish throwing that everyone talks about happens right under the PMC sign, so if you hear the guys start shouting/singing, watch out!

You can find just about anything in the market: live music, fresh seafood, art, fruits/veggies, jewelry, flowers, clothing, etc. We even sampled some chocolate flavored pasta! It’s a few different levels, but I almost always stay on the main floor. If you get back out on the street (Pike Street), you can visit the OG of Starbucks along with lots of other original Seattle restaurants and shops.


Lowell’s – When we decided we were ready for lunch, we stopped at Lowell’s in the market. It’s a three-story restaurant, and we were able to walk right in and get some food. I recommend the Blackened Fresh Wild King Salmon Caesar Salad [whew, that’s a mouthful]. You should also try some chowder at some point while in Seattle, and they make a pretty good cup here.

After the market we were going to walk around and shop a bit, but again . . . the wind. We ultimately just decided to drive around downtown and look at all of the stores from the warmth of our car.


Loulay – We had some time to kill before our dinner reservations, so we walked around a little and stumbled upon Loulay. It was a good spot for some pre-dinner drinks + snacks, and the staff there was so friendly.


Purple Cafe and Wine Bar – Choosing a place to eat dinner was by far the hardest part of our trip. We wanted a place in the $$ Google price range that also catered to the picky eater in our group. Ultimately, we decided to try out the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, and we were not disappointed. The building itself was impressive enough; it was like we were sitting in a glass box with a huge, spiral wine wrack in the middle of the room. I ordered a flight of the Washington wines and the Brick-Grilled Mary’s Chicken Breast, and I have been dreaming about that meal ever since.


Sans the wind, I thought our trip couldn’t have gone any better. Seattle really is the perfect place for a day of exploring and a night of eating. I think you could go to Seattle 10 different times and never do the same thing twice.

Here are some more Seattle ideas that I’m hoping to check out soon:

Underground Tour, Ellenos, Chinatown-International District, Food tour, Canlis, Pioneer Square


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