Goose Rock Hike


Last week two of my very best friends from home came to visit me! They were only here for three full days, so I felt the pressure to pack in as much sightseeing as we could. I’ve decided to break down our exploring into three different posts, starting with our Goose Rock hike.

When Monty and I went on our walk to the water by Deception Pass last week, I noticed a sign beneath the bridge that said there were a few trails. They all seemed to be pretty short, so I decided that the Goose Rock area would be a good hike for me to take Amy and Kelsey on during their visit.


We decided on a morning hike, so after breakfast we drove to Deception Pass. I parked near the bridge because everyone needs to walk across it at least once; it’s terrifying. Not only are you dangling above cold water, but you’re also about a foot or two away from oncoming traffic. However, if you can get past those two ideas, you have the chance for some beautiful views.



Amy and Kelsey on Deception Pass bridge (Mt. Baker in the background to the right)

We lucked out and had great weather – clear skies and temperature in the low 60s. The hike itself ended up being really easy – no streams to jump across or bears to wrestle . . . just a short, uphill walk. There were a few times when we came to a fork in the trail, so I’m not sure where we would’ve ended up if we would have tried a different route (hoping to try that this weekend with Monty).

. . . Every time I go on these trails, I’m reminded that I watch too much Law & Order: SVU and Dateline. I am ALWAYS sizing up passersby . . . as if the six-foot girl would be a good target for abduction. Anywho . . . 

When we made it to the top, I was pleasantly surprised with our view. I was also surprised that I didn’t even break a sweat, which was the real victory! We could see the water and some of the mountains. The Navy jets were flying, so we were able to watch them circle out over the water without having to hear their painfully loud sounds. I wish we would have left a little earlier because it would have been a good spot to eat breakfast or drink some coffee. Maybe next time 🙂

Here are a few pictures:




Check back Friday for my guide to a Seattle girls’ night out! 


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