Deception Pass



The sunny days we have left around here are numbered, so we’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the sunshine before it gets too gloomy. Today we took advantage of the pretty weather and went on a little walk around Deception Pass. I can remember my first time visiting Monty when we were dating; I was in awe of the Deception Pass area. It looked like something from a movie – huge evergreen trees, turquoise water, and mountains in every direction.

Today we parked beside the bridge and walked down to the water. It’s a short and nearly painless walk, about a half mile roundtrip . . . just enough to remind me that I’m out of shape. This walk has access to Deception Pass State Park, Washington’s most popular state park. If you drive past the bridge, you’ll come to the park entrance after about a mile or so. It really is all it’s cracked up to be.

Here are a few pictures of our walk down to the water from the bridge.


View from the bridge – On a clear day, you can see Mount Baker in the background.





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