Today My Mom Got Her Nails Done


Today my mom got her nails done.

And while the average person may not think this is a big deal, to me it is. My mom has multiple sclerosis. She walks with a cane and usually needs to hold onto someone’s arm as well. She has extreme fatigue which is why she sometimes uses a wheelchair. The left side of her body doesn’t work like it should; her foot and leg drag, and her hand essentially has no function. 

She went downhill pretty quickly during my freshman year of college. Little tasks were no longer little tasks, and the sense of independence she’d always known no longer existed. There were some dark, dark days for our family. It’s a very helpless feeling having to watch someone you love struggle so much, knowing you can’t do anything about it. But after a few years, she finally seemed to be a little more accepting of her new normal. Don’t get me wrong, the dark days were still there but there were some good days, too.

She tried every treatment out there. Any and every medication – most of which have more severe side effects than the disease itself. Nothing helped. She even went to Tampa to try a treatment called CCSVI. This was the first time that her symptoms seemed to improve – only to eventually go back to where they started.

About a month ago, she had a stem cell transplant followed by 20 hyperbaric chamber treatments. After the fifth hyperbaric treatment, she realized that she could open her hand and lift her leg – something she’s been unable to do for YEARS. Instead of worrying if it will last (it’s easy to become skeptics after almost 10 years of this), we’ve all decided to celebrate and enjoy each new day and what it brings. 


Mom in the hyperbaric chamber. She looks like an astronaut! *Excuse the glare; I was looking through the glass hole.*

This has given her hope . . . which is the greatest gift for someone diagnosed with a hopeless disease.

So today I received the best phone call. One where I learned that my mom went to a nail salon all by herself and got her nails done.

You go, girl!




9 thoughts on “Today My Mom Got Her Nails Done

  1. Addy, so glad to hear this news. Hyperbaric oxygen tretments have proven to be a help to many. So happy she has found this treatment. So happy for her and you both look beautiful.


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