5 Reasons You Need to Go to Lisa Bee’s


A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Wentachee to listen to some music and hang out with friends. We spent our night at Lisa Bee’s listening to Courtney Lee Pierce play songs from her new album coming out in October. I didn’t know what to expect before our trek through the mountains, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here are five reasons why you need to visit this hidden gem:

The view – No matter which way you drive to get to Lisa Bee’s, you’re going to have some great views of the mountains. And once you’ve arrived you can sit outside and enjoy them. 

I can’t mention the view without talking about the interior decor. Though I can’t speak on their behalf, I think Chip and Joanna Gaines would approve; it’s rustic with some pops of color. It’s places like these that always get my wheels turning . . . why can’t my house look like this?!


Wine slushies – Do you like wine? [YES] Do you like slushies? [YES] Then a wine slushie just makes sense. Along with their wine slushies, they also have a good selection of local Washington wines and craft beers. **This is important because it keeps your husband from complaining.


It’s local – Everything about this place is local — the owners,  food + drinks, and merchandise. It’s all Washington based!

The food – On its sign it says that it’s a bistro, bakery, and produce market. It’s the perfect place for lunch or a light dinner – salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. I had the Greek Salad, and it passed my salad snob test with flying colors.

The vibe – Lisa Bee’s is a good place for a family outing or a date night. We went for a date night because they were having music and some drink specials. Any place where I can sit and listen to live music, have a glass of wine, and eat a homemade sweet treat is a place that I prefer.

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