A Blue Apron Review from a Non-Apron Owner

To call myself a cooking novice would be putting it nicely. I once cooked my fake Michael Kors purse when I threw it on my stove after work . . . some might think that’s an odd place to put your purse, but it’s not so odd when you rarely ever cook. I had apparently left my stove on for an estimated two days and burned a hole right through my go-to knock off.

It’s not like I didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to cook when I was younger; I just didn’t have the interest. Cooking was too time consuming, especially for someone who was too impatient to read the directions. Unfortunately this ideology stuck with me until this past year.

When Monty and I first arrived in Washington after our wedding, I was really determined to cook for us. Monty is a really good cook . . . like makes-sauce-from-scratch good. And honestly, what’s the point in that other than to rub it in my face? There are perfectly good sauces out there that come in jars.

My first few cooking attempts were failures; I burned things, undercooked things, and nearly cut off my finger . . . twice. I was ready to throw in the towel. That’s when I decided to try Blue Apron. I had a coupon for my first shipment to be free, so I decided to go for it.

Our first box arrived, and I was ready to go. It had everything except olive oil and salt+pepper. And by everything, I mean it was even measured out – foolproof! All we had to do was follow the instructions which came on a card WITH pictures.

Two months later, and I’m still a fan. We don’t get a box every week because we don’t want to spend that much money; we usually get a delivery about every other week instead. We’ve had some meals that weren’t our favorites but none that were bad . . . and some that were delicious. Our plating is terrible; it never looks like the picture but that’s all right; we try. When we started out, we would cook together, and it was really fun. Lately I’ve been cooking by myself just to see if I could do it, and I can!

Probably my favorite thing about Blue Apron is that it’s given me confidence in the kitchen that I didn’t have before, and I think that’s because it’s made me practice cooking different things three times a week. Practice makes perfect – says the basketball coach to herself. It’s also allowed us to try a bunch of new things. Before Blue Apron, I felt like all we ate was chicken . . . over and over and over again. Even if we get chicken in our box, it’s unlike any chicken we would’ve cooked.

So, would I recommend it? 100% yes.

4 Tips:

  1. Don’t order it until you have a coupon for a free box. Food tastes even better when it’s free! If you have friends who use Blue Apron, they likely have some free meals to give to new users via email.
  2. Go online and manage your schedule. You can skip a delivery, change your menu, etc.
  3. Portions are small; you might want to add a salad and some bread. If you have a big eater, this may not be for you; I don’t think you will get your money’s worth.
  4. If something is wrong with your box, email them. Their customer service is great!

4 thoughts on “A Blue Apron Review from a Non-Apron Owner

  1. How about a photo of this? 😀 I learned to cook JUST BECAUSE I LOVE TO EAT! and food was the ONLY PLACE we could save on our VERY LIMITED airman’s budget! My 15-year-old brother began cooking after my mother passed away. After 30-days of frozen TV dinners, he couldn’t take it anymore and he got out the cookbook! From there he branched out to international cuisine! NOW he is the go-to person if we have cooking questions. At one point he even wrote a newspaper column in a Canadian newspaper!


  2. Addy! I started the Blur Apron too about a month or little longer… I love it! I’m like you and not much at all a cook, but this has helped me so much!!!! I don’t get them every week either and since it’s just me the meals last twice as long. I like that you can pick and choose what weeks you want and don’t want.
    I’d recommend it to anyone too just to get your feet wet in the kitchen… I’m by no means a Betty Crocker yet, but least I know I could survive on my cooking hahaha


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