The Island Rundown

I thought it would be a good idea to start off by explaining where we live. Contrary to what my parents tell everyone, I do not live in Seattle. We’re about an hour and a half north, but if you know anything about Seattle traffic then you know that it’s probably more like two and a half hours.

We live on Whidbey Island. Yes, an actual island. You’ll quickly learn that I don’t know much about geography – for example, before the move I was pretty unfamiliar with the fact that there are so many islands in the continental United States *eye roll, I know*.


There are two ways to get on the island: a bridge on the northern end and a ferry on the southern side. We live on the northern end, so we use the bridge most of the time. It’s called Deception Pass, and it’s one of my FAVORITE places on the island. Pictures don’t do it justice {something I say often living here}.

FullSizeRender (1)

Deception Pass

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While Washington, particularly the Seattle area, is known for its never-ending rain, it really doesn’t rain all the time here. We actually get less rain on the island compared to Seattle because we’re [kind of] in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. What that means is that it’s a little less dreary here. Don’t get me wrong . . . it still rains but just not as often as it does in Seattle.

This time of year the average temperature has been in the low 70s; it’s even been a little warmer than usual, occasionally creeping up into the 80s. But apparently these beautiful 70° days won’t last too much longer. I’m told that it gets a little gloomy during the winter – lots of gray skies.

On the island, there are several little towns – Oak Harbor, Coupeville, and Langley to name a few. We live in Oak Harbor, the largest town on the island. It’s is a military town, which means there are all different types of people living here. There are also NAVY jets . . . very loud NAVY jets. I will try to explain; however, this may only be a reference applicable to Southerners, I’m not really sure. You know in high school when you would be at a red light, and some guy in a huge truck would pull up beside you only to rev up his truck a million times? Well, imagine being inside of that truck’s pipes (or whatever it is that’s so loud), which probably has a pair of those metal you-know-whats hanging close by, as the redneck revs up his truck for about 20 minutes. That’s almost what it sounds like.

To me, Oak Harbor has the least small-town feel to it of all the other places on the island. There are more chain stores and restaurants compared to the local shops you can find elsewhere.

As with most places around here, there are some beautiful views in Oak Harbor. No matter what the weather’s like, you can always see the water, and if you’re lucky enough you might even see a whale. No such luck for me thus far. If you love green, this is the place to be! There’s so much greenery, and the flowers are so lush and colorful. On a clear day, you not only have the chance to see some snow-capped mountains, but you can usually see a volcano – sometimes two! The beaches here are different from your typical Florida beaches. For one, it’s much cooler here which makes the water painfully cold. You rarely see people in the water; most people just use the beach for a scenic walk with their pups. It’s nice because you still get the salty smell and sound of the waves without the sweltering heat.


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There’s so much more to this island that I can’t wait to share! We’re going on a little weekend trip today to do some explorin’, so stay tuned.


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